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Cellulite Massage

Cellulite Massage

Cellulite torments most women, regardless of age or weight. Cellulite massage helps reduce the dimpling appearance caused by cellulite, and assists fat cells in letting go of toxins that are attached to them promoting dimensional loss. The results are quantifiable. On average, clients lose from 6 to 12 inches from teh abdomen to the thighs from cellulite massage. 

What is Cellulite? 

Cellulite is not a type of fat, but a description of fat that becomes herniated within fibrous tissue or septae that connects the fat to the skin. The fibrous tissue may stretch, break down, and become rigid, allowing the fat cells to bulge resulting in the dimpling effect. It is not a disorder or a disease, but a "normal condition of many women and some men" (MedicinePlus Encyclopedia). Cellulite occurs mostly in the pelvic region of women from the abdomen down through the thighs. 

Normal Skin vs Cellulite and it's layers. Genes play a major role in cellulite as well as evolutionary biology. It turns out that women are designed to store fat in the hip and leg area which the body treats differently than fat in the upper body. The lower body fat is protected from weight fluctuations because that fat is designed to provide nutrition for a growing infant during the last trimester of pregnancy and for nursing after birth. However, a poor diet, dehydration, hormonal changes, stress, and lymphatic and circulatory insufficiency may all contribute to the formation of cellulite. The dimpling usually worsens with age as the connective tissue becomes more rigid. 

Women get cellulite more commonly than men because they have thicker subcutaneous fat. The septa pattern also varies between the sexes. In women, septa run vertically, while the septa in men are in a diagonal pattern. Therefore, in women when the fat cells bulge, they push upwards, creating a mattress tufting effect. 

What is Cellulite Massage? 

The Cellulite Massage treatment is a specific blend of massage modalities that include: 

  • Deep Tissue Massage - softens deep connective tissue and improves circulation. Not to be confused with deep pressure passage a common misconception. 
  • Myofascial Release - to stretch and further soften the connective tissue. 
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage - to assist the body in removing toxins and metabolic waste through the lymph system by way of the liver and kidneys. 

Problem areas that can be targeted: 

  • Hips and thighs
  • Lower abdomen
  • Buttocks

Cellulite massage is an energetic, deep tissue massage designed to soften and loosen the rigid septa. it is an effective and safe alternative to liposuction, and can help smooth the rippling that can sometimes result from liposuction treatments. The massage also assists in the release of toxins (metabolic wastes and fat soluble toxins) stored in fat cells through the lymph system. 

This helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and actually helps with dimensional loss of inches in the targeted areas of the thighs, buttocks and abdomen. 

The massage work is deep and penetrating. There may be some bruising, especially at the beginning. However, during the first few sessions, I work carefully and slowly to condition the tissue and mitigate bruising and tenderness. (If you are hypersensitive to pain or bruise very easily, then you may want to think very carefully about this cellulite massage program before committing your time and money.)


The Cellulite Massage Program is not suitable for everyone. A health intake form will need to be filled out prior to starting treatment and there are certain contraindications: 

  • Varicose veins
  • Skin lesions
  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy

The best candidates are no more than 30 pounds of their ideal weight. They have active lifestyles and eat well. Heavier clients may do the program but will need to repeat it to reinforce the results. 

A hands-on adipose tissue assessment will allow me to determine if your tissue is soft enough for best results. Chronic stress and birth control pills, for example, can cause denser or harder adipose tissue which does not break down as easily as soft adipose tissue. In the event of dense tissue, the recommendation sit that the cellulite program be repeated. 

How many treatments? 

There are 18 treatments total divided into three sessions a week for six weeks. Sessions last between 45 minutes to an hour depending on the area(s) to be worked on. This is a significant time commitment! Please be sure you are able to devote the time to the three weekly appointments plus the recommended home care that is included in the Cellulite Massage literature you will receive when you sign up for the program. 

What results can I expect from Cellulite Massage? 
Results will vary depending on diet, activity level and commitment to a home regime; however it is not uncommon to find significant reduction in cellulite appearance, improved skin and muscle tone, and cumulative dimensional inch loss between 6 to 12 inches from the abdomen to the thighs. 

Is there anything else included in this program? 

The total price of the Cellulite Massage Program includes the following: 

  • Handbook detailing Cellulite Massage and guidelines for body detoxing and home regime
  • Dry brush and Dry brushing instructions 
  • Record of progress; before and after photos
  • Cellulite oil/serum for home use, plus that used during each treatment. 
  • 10 % off one 60 or 90 minute post-treatment full body relaxation massage

What is the cost of the Cellulite Massage Program?

  • Lower abdomen only - $990
  • Hips, thighs and buttocks only - $1080
  • Hips, thighs, buttocks and lower abdomen - 1800

Optional Add-ons include: 

An initial assessment is required prior to program initiation. Contract and up-front payment also required. All 18 appointments are pre-booked at the time of contract signing. 


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