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Facial Paralysis Massage

Facial Paralysis Massage Jen Adams LMT Fairhope, ALThis is a massage treatment protocol that includes Dr. Marc Ellis's Neurology Matrix, and the protocol issued by the Physical Therapy Department at Kuwait University as well as Aromatherapy, Auricular Therapy, Mirror Therapy, Myofascial Massage, Medical Massage, Indian Head and Face Massage, and  Scar Tissue Release Therapy if needed and Acupressure.

For highest rate of success, this is a treatment plan that needs to be repeated frequently and often. 1st month 3x a week, 2nd month 2x a week, 3rd month, once a week, and then weekly as needed.

Treatment begins with mobility assessment to determine if paralysis is more likely caused by musculature or nervous issues. Based upon assessment, determination is made as to whether CN6 or CN7 are affected. Any nerve other than CN7 involvement is referred out. Conditions this treatment is beneficial for include: Bell's Palsy, Ramsey-Hunt Syndrome, Middle ear infection, Trauma, Tumors, Post acoustic neuroma surgery, surgical injuries.

All abilities to move are immediately dependent on the ability to feel. To improve movement, the focus is on sensation. Change in muscle tone equals change in brain and spinal cord activity. Exercise increases strength and diameter of muscle fiber. Increase strength without enlarging the diameter of the muscle through use of visualization.

Bells Palsy generally resolves naturally on it's own 3-6 months. It is NEVER to late to begin treatments to speed recovery. Stroke paralysis recovery is slower. Surgical error recovery has the slowest recovery time, but is possible.

25 out of 100,000 are affected by Bells Palsy 60% have complete paralysis
71% return to normalcy
30% do not return to full functionality

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