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Red Tent


While all women are encouraged to attend, seating is limited. Please bring pillow or cushion to sit on and something healthy to snack on. 

The Red Tent is a Sacred Space for Women to enjoy the journey of Womanhood. It is a safe place for Women to explore and enjoy their authentic self as well as pampering and nurturing at the same time. 

At a Red Tent You May: 

  • Share what is in your heart
  • Not expected to do anything
  • Be nourished
  • Be heard
  • Craft and express YourSELF
  • Connect with other women who want to be with you because of who YOU are
  • Commune together with nourishment, food and love
  • Experience different options of pampering
  • Use craft and art to relax, create, be
  • Set intentions for the month ahead
  • Have a beautiful time and LOTS of FUN!

Red Tent in Every Neighborhood     

When we sit in Circle we see each other as equal

When we sit in Circle we speak from our authenticity

When we sit in Circle we listen without judgment

When we sit in Circle we feel with our hearts

When we sit in Circle we taste our own tears and find renewal in allowing them to flow.

When we sit in Circle we heal ourselves of small stresses and deep trauma.

When we sit in Circle we laugh and make new, life long friends.

When we sit in Circle we take our rightful place in the Sisterhood, that flows through our blood line, all the way back to the very first woman.

When we sit in Circle we remember that we are awwweeesssooomme

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